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Communication of Leaders
Businesses today are becoming progressively diverse in respect to workers and their leaders. As the world advances, the generation of leaders is also changing. New developments and breakthroughs in technology are evolving daily. These elements have potential influence on the generation of the 21st century leaders.
The manner in which today’s children are being raised and educated will affect the outcome of tomorrow’s leaders. Many of our children are learning technologies at an earlier age. We have many luxuries that were rarely available several decades ago. Our parents never used the internet and very seldom would watch television. Today our lives and the companies around us are influenced by these…show more content…

Employees that understand what's important to their companies can focus on making improvements and spotting opportunities for innovation that can help further success (Richards, L. n.d.). Despite the age or generation of the leader, it is essential to be open and create a strong team that will support one another so the company will be successful.
The Writing Process
Writing anything more than a few sentences has always been a challenge for me, I prefer numbers and metrics. I can also talk and think of things in my head but getting those ideas down on paper is strenuous. Perhaps the topics play a role on the difficulty I have. I am in a learning environment, as I have not had to write a paper in over ten years. For my assignment this week, I tried a couple of different techniques.
I started the prewriting with an opened blank MS Word document and pasted in the actual assignment that was due. I separated the parts into two different pages. As I referred back to Part 1 of the assignment, I looked up several articles on Google and read many different websites. While I was reading, I would think of ideas or come across interesting information that would relate to the topic so I would write these ideas or words into the document, sporadically.
After brainstorming for at least a couple of days, I began my draft. I took all the ideas and little things I wrote and made sentences from them in various places. I put them in no particular order and many of them did

Communication & Leadership Essay

Running Head: Community Development Week 4

Effective Communication and Leadership

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Effective Communication and Leadership


Top executives and management must be able to communicate effectively to associates who are expected to perform effectively for the organization. Communicating with associates increases productivity, reduces cost, and produces higher profits especially if given proper training and knowledge about the item at hand. Communication reduces job absenteeism, turnover rates, and conflict (Montana & Charon, 2008). The existence of communication within an organization creates a workable environment, motivated associates, and lasting satisfying effects on the customers.

The information and instructions provided allows the associate to work and communicate at their own pace when dealing with clients. The associate is responsible in communicating to customers and providing knowledge gained from the management (Fritz, 1996). The individual has the power and authority to implement the most effective way to tackle problems and make sound decisions in order to meet sales and customer satisfaction.


Leadership communication responsibilities consist of the upper and lower management delivering the task and objectives at hand for the day that need to be completed. They have to pass down any changes that have been ordered in a timely manner. The leaders need to make the right decision when a problem arises. As well as making decisions that affects the performance and morale of those that they are in charge of (Montana & Charon, 2008). Good communication ensures individuals know what is expected of them and ensures coordination within the organization. At the root of a large number of organizational problems is poor communication. Effective communication is an essential component of organizational success. For these reasons , it is very important for a manager to possess communication skills verbal and nonverbal effectively with their employees.. The leaders at should have the experience and knowledge that allows them to be good communicators and successfully lead those they are in charge of. Having a good leader who knows how to communicate makes a huge difference in productivity.

Communication is a social factor that is a part of our daily life that occurs if it is intended or not. Each individual has a particular style of communication (Montana & Charon, 2008). These styles include both verbal...

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