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What is the first thing you do when YOU wake up? Start your daily routine? Pray? Check your social media on your phone? Relax?

Well, for many of us the first action we take is to check our phones. It’s as if we are mentally and physically connected our phones if we don’t check them we feel incomplete or possibly not even normal! But when did this start? When did we start to feel unattached from the world without our phones? Don’t get me wrong technology and social media has its benefits but why does it have such a hold on us?! Instead of using our minds we rely on technology to do everything for us, we’ve made so many things in our lives unnatural through the use of technology; things become staged instead of a natural moment.

For example, In the past when your friends lived around your area, getting up to the craziest of things on your bikes, by foot; you didn’t have to compare how much you're having to others by checking snap chat stories. Another example; going on dates with the person you have feelings for and not stressing to take the best picture on Instagram, so everyone can comment ‘Couple goals’ or even meeting people in person although  social media can expand your social life for the better, but it can be unsafe and sometimes you don’t really know someone properly until you're with them in person. Also meeting people in first, you can discuss first impressions before knowing anything about them, but through social media you’ve already talked before meeting the person and probably know details about the person before you’ve actually talked to them by checking their profile; also the person could create another personality or appearance behind the screen. Before ‘Instagram famous stars’ you didn’t have to worry about following ‘The Instagram look’ there were so many unique trends, different hairstyles, different ways to style your gel, various choice of how to dress, random colours etc.

I love technology, It’s a good form of entertainment it can make a lot of things easier but, we need to gain control once again and not let technology/social media control our lives, minds, and happiness.

TSI Essay Contest winning enrty – How technology has changed our lives

Friday, 01 January 2016 16:49

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When we talk about technology the first thought which arrives in our mind is a scene of advanced electronic devices with a specific function to perform efficiently. Of course,there is no doubt that technology is everywhere. It has a huge influence in our daily lives. It plays a crucial role as these days we are whole and sole dependent on technology. Technology has become a vital part of our life. The development of a country depends on status of its technology.

When we come to the definition of technology then “Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life.” In simple terms, it’s just a way for one to express its talented thoughts, innovative ideas and abstract imagination through technology. As we all know we all are getting modernized through our technologies only. So, now we can’t even imagine the way our primitive generations used to live. Technology has transformed our lives completely whether we talk in field of Agriculture or in field of Rocket Science. Everywhere we will find technology.

It has made the path of a learner easier to reach her destination swimmingly by means of e-learning. It also aware people of effects of crimes going on and give much more information useful in their lives. We can say that with the help of technology only our today’s mind is far away sharper than a primitive human of our age. Because of technology in defense field today we feel save as an individual in our homes. Development of technology also provided employment to many poor to earn a living. Even with the ever increasing population, advancement of technology in agriculture helped us to fulfill our food production needs. It also help to find out medicines of many fatal diseases.

But technology has many dangerous consequences as well such as many misuse it and try to commit many crimes. It can also diverts the innocent mind of a child from her/his goals and can become a hurdle in reaching the pinnacle of success. As the use of new technology increased many people lost their jobs as it was replaced by machines. It also affects new generation health as most of them prefer to seat at home with their electronic devices instead of going out for outdoor games. In short, it has made us lazy. It also harms our environment in a very negative way which in turn will lead to a dark future for us.

So, by seeing both sides of implications of technology we may conclude that technology affect our lives positively as well as negatively.



Pahulpreet Kaur Suchdeva,

Class- 10th,

School- MNR School of Excellence

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