Myself Essay For Children


By Christina, 14, NY, USA

What is it? Some people ask me.

I tell them, 'It is six little dots all stuck tougher making a rectangle.'

Then people ask me, 'How do you read it?'

I answer this question by saying, 'I slide my fingers across the page of dots from left to right and I go down the page. Reading the dots.'

Some people also ask me, 'How do you remember what all those dots mean?'

I answer them by saying, 'I remember them the same way you remember your letters.'

I love Braille and think it is unique. Next time you are somewhere look for little dots on signs or maybe a classmates paper and you will know that it is Braille.
(August 2008)

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All about me

By Marco, 11, Hong Kong

My name is Marco and I am 11 years old. There are 4 people in my family: my mum, dad, sister and me. I have three turtles, three sharks and 5 tropical fish.
I live in Hong Kong. It is sunny and there are lots of mountains. There are lots of interesting places in Hong Kong such as Ocean Park and Disneyland. People often go up to Victoria Peak to see the view of the city. Later this month the Ngong Ping 360 cable car will open and it is from Tung Chung to the big Buddha statue on Lantau Island.
I like swimming and I have a certificate for swimming 250m freestyle. I play cricket and I am on the school biathlon team. At school I like doing Maths, English and I.S (Integrated Studies).
I enjoy playing with my friends and listening to music by Simple Plan and Oasis.

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Something Beautiful

By Emma, 10, Congleton, UK

I am different. Everyone stares at me when I walk onto the playground every morning. Their white, sad faces stare at me and their blonde or red long hair quivers in the wind. I'm different. I have dark brown skin and black hair. My hair doesn't quiver in the wind, it's too short. I'm not plump and well-fed like them. I'm different. I'm skinny and tall and have big, green eyes. My accent is different to theirs but I don't care. I thought everyone stared at me because they thought I was weird but it's because I'm beautiful. I'm different but I'm something beautiful.
Robbie Williams and Xtina have encouraged me to write this.
Even though some people are different they're all beautiful.

(July 2006)

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By Georgia, 10, Sheffield, UK

Hiya my name is Georgia and I originally come from the north of Italy but when my parents divorced I had to move to England. I felt torn apart after leaving the past but also in a way felt very glad to move on. I was only young and didn't understand at the time but I kind of knew that my parents were angry at each other. My dad met a new woman and my mom was totally upset. I have a little brother but he was only 2 years old when this event happened. I really didn't like to live so far away from my dad. I miss him a lot but felt really mad at what he had done.
I now live in Sheffield and have a massive number of friends. I am happy and have really succeeded in my English.
As I am writing this I am on my mom's shop computer and I am glad that my life has gone so well. I have a baby step sister and I love her to bits. My mom has a boyfriend and I am more responsible than I ever thought I would be. I get to see my dad in the holidays but it is still not the same.
Let's hope my life will carry on as I want it to be.
Thank you very much for reading my short piece. (July 2005)

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My Life

By Cassidy, 12, Crowslanding, CA, USA

My name is Cassidy and I am 12 years old. I may be small in age, but I have so much on my mind that is weighing me down. Well, it all started when I was one to two years old. My parents didn't get along, and I was put through divorce. I hated it. I couldn't see both of my parents at the same time. So my dad, my younger sister, Alexis, and I went to go live with my grandma and papa. We lived with them for almost six years. My mom, on the other hand, lived in Oklahoma.(with her fiance Michael). My life was really good, but the times when my mom called to check up on my sister and I, I cried myself to sleep. I missed her so much. I thought I was the only little girl who had it hard. My life at my grandma and papa's house was really nice. And then on Friday, November 15, 2002, my papa died of cancer. I cried for seven days straight. I was even taken out of school because I couldn't calm my self down. So, I just kept crying and crying. My dad and step-mom were worried about me. After he died, I was getting sick and going into emotional meltdowns. So they took me to the doctor and they said that I was too depressed and that I needed to find happy and healthy stuff to occupy me during the day. So, I was doing really well with that. I prayed to God every night saying that I'm sorry for getting myself sick and to take care of my papa. I still pray to this day. And now, at my mom's house, she has a four year old girl, my half-sister, Macie. And I have my step-dad, Michael, there for me. I really like Michael. He's is really good to me and my sister. And at my dad's house, I have two little brothers, Blake and Justin. Blake is two years old and Justin is ten months old. I have so much stuff to be thankful for, but I'm still looking for more. I'm writing to KIDS ON THE NET because I can't express my true life story or my feelings to any other person. My papa is gone. I used to tell him everything. But I have moved on since then and have started a new life. I now live with both my mom and dad and they are working hard to make me happy. But just a couple months ago, on September 23, 2004, my Aunt died in a car wreck. She was killed instantly and now I'm back sad again. My cousins, her daughters, are so lost they look like two blind kids trying to find there way through an obstacle course full of dangerous courses that they could only beat when their mother was there to help them. So I still get sad a t times and have strange emotional meltdowns. But at least I know I have a good life and that I couldn't ask for more! (January 2005)

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By Mina, 13, Novi Sad, Serbia

My name is Mina. I am 13 years old. I don’t have any special nickname, because my name is short. I was born in Novi Sad and I live here now. My mum Dragoslava is a teacher and my dad Miodrag is a doctor. I have two older brothers, Vuk and Petar who are very good students of medicine and law.
I am interested in volleyball and music. My favourite group is Blink 182 and my favourite singer is Avril Lavigne. My favourite food is pizza and I like to drink Cola. I also like to sing, dance and read books.
If there is something that I adore, it’s shopping. I can shop all day and I won’t be tired.
When I have free time, I like to be with my friends. Then we usually play volleyball and badminton.
I like creative works and when I get an job I going to be a fashion designer.
I hope that my wish is going to be true, because that’s me. Write me back if you want! :-)
(December 2004)

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By Yarden, 12, Moshav Mashen, Israel

My name is Yarden. I am 12 years old, I was born in 1992.
I am in grade 6, in school Nitzanim. I live in Moshav Mashen in Israel.
I speak Hebrew and English.
My hobbies are: dancing, playing on the computer and watching t.v.
My favourite song is "Everytime" (Britney Spears).
My favourite singer is Britney Spears, she is the best!!!
My best friend is Ela. (December 2004)

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Things that revolve around me.

By Sarah, 17, Moreno Valley, CA, USA

Hi, My name is Sarah and I'm seventeen years old.
I like to sing, dance, sometimes read when I'm bored. My favorite subject in school is Health Science. When I get an job I'm going to be an Cosmetologist. I live with my beutiful Mom named Karen and two sisters. As I've gotten older I realized that I'm not an kid anymore and I'm about to turn eighteen. And I wish I could start all over again and enjoy my childhood because I miss it. Being an adult has a lot of responsibilities and you have to take care of them. Now I'm seventeen me and my mom has problems because I'm all grown up and I act my age. She wishes I were little again. I can't change that because I'm seventeen and I'm about to be eighteen and be an adult and be a parent one day. I just wanted to tell every kid to have fun and enjoy being a kid as you can.
(Dec 2004)

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Living in Africa

By Stella, 9, Leicester, UK

In Africa, there is plenty of sunshine and a nice community. In some parts of Africa such as the North, people are rich but there is war. Whereas in the South, where I come from, people are neither rich nor poor.

People are dying of HIV in Africa. A number of children have lost people who were close to them. A lot of people have to work and live on the streets. There is no fun and games for them.

There are lots of beautiful animals in Africa such as lions, tigers, monkeys, scorpions, reptiles, chickens and antelope.

Some children die before their eighth birthday. Many people walk all the way to the well to get water. Sometimes it is dirty. People get diseases such as cholera and bilharzia.

Although life was difficult I was happy because I had all my family.

If I had not come here I would not have a good education. (November 2004)

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Who am I?

By Ki, 13, Ontario, Canada

Ni Hao! My name is Siyu, you can call me Kitty. In the early spring, when the earth began to awake, the flowers began to bloom, and the light rain sprinkled all over the town, that was the day I was born, so my parents named me Siyu, which means drizzle in the spring in Chinese.
I grew up in a small town called LiaoYang, in the northeast of China. Even though it is a small town, it is one of China's biggest petrol chemical and fibre production base. The climate there is almost the same as Guelph.
I came to Canada when I was at the age of 10, it's almost 4 years now since I immigrated to Canada with my mom and dad. I lived in Toronto and Mississauga for the past 3 years, and I've visited many places in Canada. I think Canada is extremly beautiful and attractive.
I'm pretty much the happy, cheerful and bit shy kind of girl. I have enough friends to keep me company, but of course, there's always a room for another friend.
During my spare time, I like to draw, read and listen to music. I find it very enjoyable to listen to music, especially classic Chinese music.
I have a lot of hobbies, but drawing is the best of all, it helps me to calm down and relax. Collecting stamps is also my favourite, it's very interesting to look at all the little images on the stamps. I get most of my stamps from the letters that my relatives sent me.
I love festivals and holidays, one of my favourite festival is called the Moon festival, it's on August 15th on the Lunar Calendar. On this day, everyone in the family gathers and celebrates together for the family reunion. This year's Moon Festival is almost here, unfortunately I can't go back to join the family reunion, this is my only regret for coming to Canada, but I still love Canada!
Hope you enjoyed reading my story! :D
(October 2004)

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Hello. Would you like to make friends with me?

By Sterling, 13, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Hi, everyone. I'm glad to be here. I am a Chinese girl. I want to improve my English. I also want to make friends with English people. So I welcome all the English students to be my friends. I need your help and encourage. Please come on.
(September 2004)

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Freda and Nora.

By Romina, 14, Durres, Albania

Hey I'm Romina and I'm from Albania I've two friends that are my sisters, Anisa and Osida. I love them very much. Anisa is in the university of medicine, meantime Osida is in the 3rd year of high school. We are excellent students. I'm from a seaboard city that is very charming. I have friends from America: "the life without friends is like a life without sun". This is a German proverb. "Friendship is a plant you must water frequently." I've other friends from France and Italy because I speak very well the languages. In afternoon I stay with some American friends that are here in Durres and we speak English. I love English. I like to have other friends. (September 2004)

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Rock & Roll

By Barbara, 15, Romania

Hello great big world, how are you today?
I am fine, writing these words for you :). If you are interested who I am, read the next lines.
I am a dreamy girl from Romania. Yes Romania, a country far far away, where no hollywood stars run from the papparazi, no terror and crime all the films and songs are about. No FBI and CIA work "together" on secret missions and no theology or god. Here everything goes on normally for me, cultures of ancient times are kept, kids know each other well and go biking or in the cinema, do not ewen know how a drug looks like. Yes everything is peaceful I think because that's how I see it. I have a boyfriend since one and a half years, I think that's some kind of record for a 15 year old. And I know what love means. That is also a big word for a child :)
I think I said dreamy, everybody is dreamy, I say dreams are the most precious thing, if we can call it that way, that we possess. They are the mirror of what we are inside. All people hide behind a mask and are afraid to show what they are or how they feel. And that's the biggest mistake of mankind. I tried to show people what I am, but it went wrong. People used my kindness, my trust, or didn't like what they see and wanished from my life. I am also afraid to open my mind, take the red pill (The Matrix).
so lets go on, hmmmmm, my family, yes. I am a very lucky girl, my parents are the best. They talk to me, listen, pay attention. Not all parents are like them, some are too busy with their own and let the child unprepared and naked in the great big world and all its divine secrets. My parents gave me all the hope, strength, happiness etc., that I ever need, probably to much of it. So I don't have anything to complain. Just that I don't have any brothers, and have to carry the goodness of my parents alone :)
Pets I do not have. But I had A zoo in my house once.
Girls I do not trust so I have many male friends. They are somehow friendlier and you can trust them. No offence girls but's the truth.
I love school...just kidding :) Sometimes it's very cool but its boring. I think all kids think the same way.
My country I really like, the fact is I don't have anything to do with it. My mom is Hungarian and my dad German so....Romania ..but it's great. Everybody is friendly and happy, peaceful. Somtimes the contrary but it's not so bad.
So that's it for today, see or read you later .
With love Barbara

ps: Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar but we do not learn so much English, we focus more on German.
(September 2004)

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All about me

By Charlene, 15, Blackpool, UK

Hi my name is Charlene
I am 15 years old.
I live with my new mum and Dad and I live with my brother and my sister.
My favourite hobby is Table-Tennis, swimming, Badminton.
I go to the transplant games because I have had a kidney transplant.
My favourite subject at school is English.
My best friend is ?
(September 04)

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All about Me

By Carlotta, 21, Killeen, TX, USA

I was born in Germany with Down's Syndrome and a seizure disorder, and developed a thyroid disorder. I am a very happy kid. I love to eat and love to hear Music. I have one sister and two dog and a Momma. My Father died when I was five year old but I have a adopted dad name Robert he is overseas right now so all I have is my mother and two dogs, they're poodles. My sister live in Florida with her husband and three children. I need help to take care of me because of my Medical disability. I try to help by not being fussy when you are helping me. I like to be to myself and not be around a lot of people. When I travel places I do sometime get tired real easy so it better to have my wheelchair near by so I can sit and be comfortable in my surrounding. Well there is so much more about me but it will have to be on a separate piece of paper this is to be continue to learn more all about me.

Love Carlotta
(September 04)

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Me and myself against the facts

By Ashley, 12, Malaysia

Hello my friends... My name is Ashley. Just call me Asha. I was 12 years old in year 2003. My favourite artist is Britney Spears. I also like writing facts and mailed them to my friends who need the facts. (January 2004)

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Hello, best friends!

By Mindaugas, 13, Kaunas, Europa, Lithuania

I like friends. I have a lot of friends in Lithuania.
I find best friends in the world. I'm waiting for best friends! Write to me!

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Is it all about me?

By Tiara, 12, London, UK

Hello, My name is Tiara, and I am 12. I have loads of pets which I adore. I live with my mum and dad, and I have always had an admiration for acting, my true dream would be to act. I believe that people should believe in themselves, that they can be whatever they want to be. I have been to several acting schools and they are too easy, they recommend that I go to Silvia Young's, yet that's too much money. If you have any tips or websites I could visit, reply to me. Please and never doubt yourself believe... Improvise and never be afraid. (March 2003)

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Hello! I love Beanie Babies

By Koutaro, 6, Aomori, Japan

I am 6 yrs old boy. I like to play the TV game and I love Beanie Babies. Most time I playing Nintendo Game and Game Cube. My mom keeping tell me, don't play game too long!, I cannot study too much. Do you play any games?

Koutaro Dec 2002

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Use Your Imagination!

By Alexandra, 9, London, UK

Right now I am not sure quite what to write. I know that I want to have my writing published on this website, so I can show it to my two best friends Nicole and Gabriela - the question is, what CAN I write? I've already written about witches, trolls, fairies and pixies. Writing about pets and other animals would be too BORING, and to write about families ... well, everyone will be doing that, won't they?

I want to write about something original, funny and exciting - perhaps even scary, if I can fit that in will all the others. Maybe I could try to write a horror story...? No, the last time I wrote one of those I gave both my sister and I nightmares for a week! So, what CAN I write? Got any ideas? No? Well, I'll just have to use this then. Dec 2002

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