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Creative Filming and Editing Tasks

1)    Filming a person sitting down with the monitor window open and with another camera film the monitor.

2)    Cloning editing task – tripod and camera must remain still in wide shot. Actor is filmed moving in different parts of the shot. Standing by the board, sitting down. 6 different shots. Go to premiere link on how to edit it.

3)    Depth of field task –

·       Do a distance little and large shot so that someone looks very small in the background and another very large.

·       Place an object like a cup or a ball down maybe with grass background - place the camera level with the object quite far away and then zoom into it so the object is sharp but the camera is blurred.

·       Place your artist in the background and add various cut out props to the foreground to float around the artist.

4)   Reverse shot – while the artist is singing get them to walk carefully backwards, but to add excitement to the shot add obstacles for jumping over and ball throwing so it can be reversed.

5)    Wheelchair / Tripod – we are going to simulate tracking and dolly shots. Camera on wheelchair film artist moving towards you singing to camera one take 30 seconds.

Tripod shot – raise the front leg of the tripod so the camera is pushed forward on the back legs.

6)   Lego stop motion – 30 still shots of lego action (one second each)

Premiere editing techniques to practise

-         Cloning shots -

-         Split screen

-         Blurred background

-         Make someone colour and the rest black and white

-         Glow effect titles

Cloning Shots   using cropping or linear wipe tools

Split screen


How to make background black and white and artist colour


Blending two videos to get a fantasy effect


There are hundreds of how to channels on youtube but I really like these easy quick instruction videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46antF70V5qEFoW8xbGnoA

Stop motion lego task


media evaluation

I began my project by choosing my initial ideas from the briefs that were given to us. My favourite brief was the promotional package for a band’s new album which appealed to me because I have a keen interest in music and know quite a few people who are in bands. Therefore my first idea revolved around filming live footage of a band for a music video and then also creating a magazine advert and a cd cover. I did some research into similar videos to what I wanted to create. My second idea was also for a promotional music package. This involved a video that promoted the entire album as opposed to just one song. I found a few different promotional videos as research that were similar to my idea. I also decided a would create a review to appear in a magazine and a poster to advertise the new album in a magazine. My third and final idea was different to the first two. It involved creating a promotional package for a new film, including a teaser trailer, a film magazine front cover and a poster to promote the film. I already had an idea in mind for the storyline of the new film.It would be a horror film, set on the Underground. A group of people who do not know each other would get on a train but before they arrive at their station the train stops at an abandoned station and the doors open. The characters wait for a while, expecting the train to move on but it doesn’t. They decide to leave the train and see if there is anyone at the abandoned station that can help them. As soon as they leave the train the doors close and the train moves on. The characters can not try and get to the next station as something is stopping them. The abandoned station was used as a bunker during the war and the characters appear to be stuck in that time.

After coming up with my initial ideas I decided to choose my second idea to go forward with and develop. I chose this because it interested me the most and at this stage I could not see any complications with this idea. I decided not to choose idea one as I thought it would be very difficult to sync the video footage with the music over the top. I decided not to choose idea three as the setting of my film is a complicated one and therefore I would not be able to access it. I thought it would then be difficult to find a setting that looked realistic enough. Once I had chosen my idea I researched further into pre-existing videos to help give me ideas on what to include in my own video. At this stage I also created a set of SMART targets. These are very detailed and show me the various tasks I needed to do to reach the end of my project. I set myself dates to achieve each task by and wrote out the things I would need to achieve them. This was very useful as it gave me a clear image of everything I had to do and made it much more organised. I then added to my research by looking into pre-existing magazine adverts and album reviews from magazines to help when creating my ancillary products. This was useful as it gave me an idea of the conventions of these types of print.

Once my research was complete I began my pre-production and planning for my main task. I created pre-production documents such as storyboards, talent release forms and a risk assessment form. At this stage I also wrote a list of prompt questions that I wanted to ask the band in the video. I had decided that for the promotional video I would include an interview and footage of them performing. I then began organising the band I wanted to use so that I could begin my filming. However this is when I began encountering problems. The band did not have a lot of free time due to other commitments so I had to try and arrange a time when they were all free. This proved to be very difficult and many filming attempts had to be cancelled. After further planning and canceling, I decided that in order to complete my coursework on time and to a high standard, I would have to consider changing my idea. I talked it through with my tutor who advised me to go a different route and create a promotional package for a new film instead. As I had trouble with making a video, we decided that it would be more suitable to make a radio trailer. Along with this I decided to create the front cover of a film magazine and a double page spread review. This did not seem too complicated as I have a lot of experience with Photoshop so I thought this would be a much more achievable task.

I knew I did not have long to complete my coursework so I began straight away with some research into pre-existing print products to help me develop my idea. I created mock ups of both my front cover and double page spread. I also looked into interviews about new films to give me ideas for my radio trailer. From this I wrote a script which I then recorded. I did not encounter any difficulties doing this so I edited it and added a jingle to the beginning to make it sound more authentic. I then took my original images and added them to my chosen mock up designs. After changing the appearance around slightly my print products were finished.

I think this promotional package for a new film works well to get the audience interested in it. The radio interview features lots of information about the film and what went into creating it which gives the audience an insight. The print products also help create a buzz for the film. Overall I am pleased with my finished products. Obviously I was limited for time after changing my idea but I know that without changing my idea I would not have finished creating my products in time for the deadline.

May 11, 2011. A2 Media Coursework. Leave a comment.

radio interview script

Abandoned is the latest low budget film to have a huge box office success following in the footsteps of films such as Paranormal Activity. I’m here with writer and director Laura Walsh to find out more about her directorial debut.

Where did you get the inspiration for this film from?

My love of horror films heavily influenced my script writing and directing for this film. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, so the audience could imagine themselves in the situation and relate to the characters. As for the actual storyline, I travel on trains a lot and I’ve often wondered what is in the darkness in between each station. After doing some research and finding out about abandoned stations that literally are stuck in time I knew it would be a perfect setting for something to go very wrong.

This film had an interesting marketing campaign, can you expand on that?

I wanted to make use of the technology available and the internet community to get my film out there. I think word of mouth is a great method for film promotion and this has been made so much easier with the internet. Instead of putting posters and trailers up everywhere I used my website to release little bits of information at a time and create a buzz for my film. Then once enough people were interested I released the trailer and put more into promoting the film nationwide.

This is your directorial debut, what other projects can we expect from you in the future?

I have a couple more scripts that I’ve started, I find it difficult to stick to one project at a time so there’s a few things going on. They’re all in the horror genre though, I haven’t ventured away from what I love.

How did you choose your lead roles?

I’d had them in mind for a while and after getting them to read from the script I could see their chemistry was spot on so it was an obvious choice for me.

How long did it take you to shoot the film?

Only about a month, I don’t think the tension would have been as effective if it had been drawn out over months so I wanted to get it done quickly enough to keep the atmosphere there. I also had such a clear idea in my head of what I wanted that there wasn’t much need for improvising and seeing what worked for each scene.

How closely did you stick to the original script?

As closely as I possibly could, this script has been in the making for quite some time so I found it difficult to consider any drastic changes. Obviously when making any film there has to be some adaptions along the way as some things do not work once you try and put them on film but I tried to keep these minimal.

What scene carries the most meaning for you?

Probably the ending. Obviously I don’t want to give anything away but I’d had that ending in my mind since I began writing the script and it transferred onto film perfectly so I’m very proud of it.

Did you find it easier or more difficult to work with a smaller budget as opposed to a bigger one?

At times it was more difficult when you start getting all these crazy ideas but for the most part I found that having a smaller budget allowed me to keep a sense of realism in my film. I feel the lack of special effects and over the top sets made it much more believable for the audience.

Well the audience definitely seem to enjoy it! Abandoned is out in cinemas now.

March 30, 2011. A2 Media Coursework. Leave a comment.

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