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Pranks And Practical Jokes Essay


Who doesn't need a friend? Friends are a very important in life. They make life more enjoyable for people. However, they are also very good at humiliation. Everyone experiences many embarrassing moments over the course of his or her life. Friends cause a majority of those morbid experiences. Pranks, or practical jokes, are a key weapon that friends all around the world use to against others for a good laugh. There are many popular pranks in the world from simple to complex, but all are guaranteed to be funny.

Most pranks are simple and easy to follow. Always a good one is to take someone's cellular phone and change all of the settings and the language. They won't be able to understand anything on their phone and they won't be able to figure it out. However, the person switching the settings better know how to change it back or the user will be very unhappy. Another simple classic is to put tape, preferably clear so it's unable to be seen, on the bottom of a faucet. Without realizing what's about to happen the victim will turn the water on and it will shoot every which way. Also a simple prank is to put some substance such as hair gel or superglue on the inside of someone's door handle. This is also funny but could make the person on the receiving end of the joke very angry because he has to clean it all up. Although all of these methods are simple, they still get the job done.

There are also very complex pranks out there, which require 30 sometimes even 40 people to cooperate. The best example for these...

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In the annals of practical jokes gone wrong, the assassination of Kim Jong Nam gets top billing. Half-brother of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, he died minutes after a nerve-agent soaked rag was rubbed in his face. The woman charged with doing the deed, though, was no trained assassin. She told authorities that she thought she was participating on a prank-oriented TV show.

Clearly, the joke was on her — and, even more so, Jong Nam.

But you don’t need to be the black sheep of a dictatorial family to be the victim of a prank gone horribly bad. A recent story in the Daily Mail told of a car tightly packed with snow; cream-filled doughnuts loaded with vomit-inducing amounts of mayonnaise; and a sunbather falling back-first down a blanket-covered hole on the beach. There’s little doubt that all of those jokes caused grief and resulted in some form of payback.

An argument, however, can be made that it only really counts as “gone bad” when the upshot is something actionable, criminal or fatal. Sometimes it even begins with a prank that is equal parts old-school, innocent and unimaginative. As reported by Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate in 2015, Pennsylvania meat-rendering plant employee Danny Vazquez thought it would be funny to pull out a chair as co-worker Peter Jok Atem tried to sit down. The next day, they were wrestling on the floor; soon after, Atem stabbed his practical-joking colleague to death. Police later found Atem in a shed; he had slashed and stabbed himself (but was still alive) and left a note: “See you in hell. Life for life.”

An unexpected surprise turned to violence in Colorado as well when in 2013 a teenage track star decided to shock her cousin by unexpectedly jumping out of a closet. According to CNN, the cousin, who thought there was an intruder in the house, grabbed a gun to deal with the situation if need be and mistakenly shot his practical-joking relative.

In Connecticut, a deadly house-fire in 2014 was ignited when a dopey 18-year-old thought it would be hilarious to wake up a friend by throwing a lit sparkler through an open bedroom window. As one sobered pal commented to Huffington Post in the smoky aftermath, “It’s not funny, not funny. [It] opens [your] eyes about the dumb things people do.”

That said, if you find pranking to be impossibly irresistible, you may want to consider the disposition of your target. Hot-headed policemen are generally less than ideal — as an 18-year-old in West Virginia learned too late. As reported by the Daily Beast, the 2015 incident began with a group of friends taking an innocent late-night dip in their underwear who thought it would be funny to prank a cop by tossing wet briefs onto his car.

The cop’s wife heard the splat and roused her law-enforcing husband from slumber, who went on duty and became obsessed with finding the perpetrators. After hours of hunting for the teens, he uncovered them near where the incident happened and by most accounts discharged pepper spray on one of them, smacked his baton on the teen’s head and, finally, fired off two deadly rounds. A young man was killed, and his family left devastated, all over a goofball prank.

No part of that is practical or a joke.

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