Cos1521 Assignment 1

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    Thx for the reply.

    When you refer to the study guide for INF1520, where exactly do I get it from?

    And what study materials do I need then for COS1511 as you say there aren't prescribed books?

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    Maximus, the study material is usually either a combination of a UNISA study guide and/or prescribed book/s and tutorial letters. If there are no prescribed books then you get a comprehensive study guide (and tutorial letters containing info about the course) from UNISA. Once you are registered you can download the study guides and/or tutorial letters from the myunisa website.
    All the info you need will be in the tutorial letters, what you need to study, the assignments, the exams, prescribed books etc, so don't panic. They will also send you hard copies of the study guides and tut letters either via courier or post.

    Search around at the various online bookseller sites for prescribed books as prices can vary quite drastically. I found the cheapest to be and
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    Thanks for the info.
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    When I studies at Unisa I checked Exclusive books and Amazon as well, in conjunction with those already listed. With Exclusive one could collect the book(s) at one of their stores and sometimes Amazon was the cheapest, even with the shipping. I found second hand books on Amazon to often be the best value if one had a bit of extra time to wait for the book.

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COS1521/MO001 3 0. Unit 0: Important information – before you startWelcome Dear Student Welcome to Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts (COS1521). For a detailed welcome message, please refer to page 4 of Tutorial Letter 101 (TL101) which is found under the Official Study Material link on the home page of this module site. Tutorial letter 101 is an 80-page document which includes all the information required to study this module. However, most subject content is found in Tutorial Letters 102 and 103, both of which are on this site under Official Study Material, and also in the prescribed book. Some of the other main contents of Tutorial Letter 101 are the following: Outcomes and syllabus Contact details of lecturers and the School Prescribed book Study plan/programme, including due dates for each assignment The assignments to be done, including unique assignment numbers Assessment plan, including calculation of final mark from the semester and exam marks, and the assignments you must hand in to be considered for examinations. About this ModuleThis module provides you with some of the basic theoretical knowledge of how computers work and what is inside them. This includes fundamental concepts in both computer hardware and software. The topics covered are found in Tutorial Letter 101 on page 11. The module outcomes are provided at the beginning of Tutorial Letter 102. Both these letters are found under the Official Study Material link on this site. You should have received these documents in hard copy by now. In the past, most students who have gone through all the required study material and attempted all the assignments, have passed the subject. So, please do likewise.

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