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Successful completion of any assignment is the milestone in the life of everymanagement student and the success of this assignment has enhanced in me a greatconfidence. A successful and satisfactorily completion of any task is the outcomeof the invaluable aggregate contribution of the different personal effort in all thedirection, explicitly or implicitly.The key to the acknowledgement of such a different task lies in the hands of Mr.Kshitij Banerjee Sir. Words are poor gratitude bearer but I give him opportunity tooffer my sincere thanks to my teacher for his benevolent and expertise guidancewithout which this assignment would not have been completed.I have also deep gratitude towards

Mr. Kshitij Banerjee sir

for the guidance heextended to me during the entire course of work and during my entire assignment.His live examples in the form of Video clips proved very effective while makingthis assignment.Last but not the least I would express sincere thanks to my college




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