Ant Farm Modeling Assignment Episode Speakers

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Angus to Olive is one of the rare male cases of this.
  • Absentee Actor: Carlon Jeffery's absence from "EndurANTs" was probably plot-related, since Lexi and Paisley were on vacation and the ANTs were there for a school-related competition. Cameron had no reason to be there. He also was absent from six episodes from season one.
    • Stefanie Scott was absent from three consecutive episodes, "ReplicANT", "ClairvoyANT" and "ManagemANT". Possibly due to the filming of Frenemies. It was a fairly noticeable absense since Paisley was in the latter two episodes.
    • Interesting case with Elise Neal, who plays Roxanne Parks. She was only in about five episodes. Could be a result of conflicting schedule, since she is kinda busy with various parts in various upcoming movies.
  • Accidental Art: Chyna's monologue in "ParticipANTs".
    • And, to a lesser degree, Chyna's song in "managemANT".
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Paisley, sometimes to Reality Warper levels. She made a helicopter out of ballooons that worked. She did a full body giftwrapping of herself!
  • Acting For Five: invoked"MutA.N.T. Farm 2" features this number of Olive clones.
  • Adorkable: We have Olive Doyle. Not entirely the stereotypical dork, but she has a large brain capacity, which she fills with very advanced subjects such as physics and calculus, she finds homework and extra credit assignments fun, is the youngest person ever inducted into Mensa and has long blonde hair, and a Stalker with a Crush although its just Angus. YMMV if its Hollywood Nerd or this, or both. This line from "Creative ConsultANT" sums her up pretty well:

    Olive: ... no one alive has my brain capacity, or my cheekbones.

  • All-Cheering All the Time: Chyna does this during a scene in "ParticipANTs", but Lexi encourages her to keep cheering, to the point that she could lose her voice and not be able to audition for the school musical. One of the cheers even goes...

    "Lexi says to do it right
    I must cheer both day and night"

  • Alliterative Name: Susan Skidmore.
  • All Just a Dream: A teenage version of Zoltan Grundy from 1956 invented a time machine and traveled to the present day causing both the present Zoltan and the entire boarding school to fade out of existence. Chyna is forced to be the young Zoltan's prom date to send him back to his own time, but it turns out the entire episode was Chyna's dream.
  • Alpha Bitch: Lexi, though she's more of a Lovable Alpha Bitchwhenever she's interacting with Cameron or showing genuine care toward Paisley.
    • Unlike most alpha bitches, Lexi's personality is typically played for laughs. She either parodies or exaggerates most traits of an Alpha Bitch.
  • Alternate Reality Episode: As a Halloween Special, the first episode was re-created, but with the A.N.Ts being M.U.T.A.N.Ts, complete with monsters and all. Chyna was a Gorgon, Olive was a Mad Scientist, Fletcher was a Vampire, etc...
    • MutANT Farm 3 reveals that those episodes take place in an Alternate Universe that parallels the main series' universe. The MutANTs (save for good-natured M.U.T.A.N.T.! Chyna) are basically anti-villainous evil counterparts to the main dimension counterparts.
  • A Minor Kidroduction: The episode "Bad RomANTs" featured a flashback of Gibson 25 years in the past with his last girlfriend. The flashback explains his hair and the breakup which caused him to think of his ex everyday of his life through to the present.
  • Anti-Hero: Olive, especially in season 3.
  • Appeal to Obscurity: In the episode "TransplANTed", when Chyna wants to get her lunch from her locker and eat in the cafeteria.

    Chyna: I left my lunch in my locker.
    Olive: Emma left her lunch in her locker
    Chyna: Who's Emma?
    Olive: Exactly!

  • Artistic License – Geography: In one episode, Fletcher played hs long-lost twin brother from Spain, who'd crossed the Spanish-American region. This is not possible, as Spain isn't even close to the Spanish-American region. He finished it by saying, "Taquitos".
  • Artistic License – Linguistics: Played for Laughs in-universe, Gibson spoke with a French accent while attempting to do a British accent.
    • Chyna says that it's better than his Australian accent, which actually an Italian accent.
  • Ascended Extra: Angus was ascended in season 3.
    • Hashimoto is also a case of this, starting as a one-shot character from Suite Life to becoming a recurring antagonist in A.N.T. Farm.
  • Ass Shove: Implied to have happened to Fletcher in the episode "Ballet dANTser".
  • Assumed Win: Happens to Cameron in "ClairvoyANT", Principal Skidmore even sets it up by saying this person has waited patiently through ceremony while everyone else won trophies. But instead, it's Skidmore herself who wins the award. By the time he finds out, he is standing next to Wacky ready to accept his award.
    • Happens to Lexi in EndurANTs when she and Paisley pose as music and art ANTs, respectively, in order to win $50,000 during the ANT-Lympics. After a good performance by Lexi followed by a strange awful sounding Native song, the host says "we'll it's clear who should win this..." and Lexi walks on stage only for him to announce that the Australian team won. This causes Lexi to divulge her true identity and age, which causes Webster High to forfeit the 2nd place prize, of $49,000, ouch.
  • Attention Whore: Lexi would do anything to be in the school paper, even if it means appealing to Olive, despite the fact that she generally dislikes the ANTs.
    • Even calls a girl, who is constantly in the school paper for doing genuinely good deeds, a publicity hog while fighting with her over a fire extinguisher. The struggle ends when she gets sprayed with said extinguisher. When Olive takes pictures of Lexi, instead of being embarrassed, Lexi begins posing for the camera.
    • In "PatANT Pending", Paisley's broken arm gets all the attention and Lexi gets ignored and becomes jealous, and decides to pretend to have broken limbs in order to get noticed.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": On more than one occasion.
    • Lexi and Paisley in "Bad RomANTs" act as if Paisley is choking so Lexi can save her life in front of Olive and get on the frontpage of the school newspaper. Lexi speaks less monotone that Paisley (who shouldn't be able to talk if she was really choking), and is pretty much hamming it up. But definitely qualifies. However, when she accidentially causes Paisley to actually choke, she reacts in a more realistic, yet clueless, fashion to someone choking.
    • Chyna does this during her fake-boyfriend auditions in "Some EnchANTed Evening" (even though she wrote her lines and probably said them before Jared's audition,) she still has to read them and does so with a very monotone voice.
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: Darryl Parks. He isn't necessarily a dirty cop, but he doesn't follow all of the rules and he definitely abuses being an officer of the law. He is more of the imcompetent, played for laughs, Police Are Useless Disney version of this trope.
    • He takes evidence from the station and gives the items to his kids as gifts, and not good gifts.
      • To his credit, he does pay for the evidence, Not sure if cops can do that. He otherwise plays this straight for the reasons below, but the "gifts" he gets his kids signs of a completely different trope.
    • He did his marksmanship training with a fake gun made from his index finger and thumb.
    • He couldn't find a note that a bank robber gave the teller during a robbery.
      • Chyna found it in her "gift" he gave her. His response, "That's where that went."
    • In "ReplicANT", Cameron asks him to arrest Olive, He says "Why?" Cameron replies "Oh now you need a reason [to arrest someone?]" Leading us to believe that he arrests people for any reason he can think of (or no reason) if it suits him.
    • The radio dispatcher announces over the radio a 1-3-9. which Daryl says thats code for the local taco joint having burritos for only $1.39, implying that the rest of the department is just as incompetent as he is. Let's hope there isn't a truly corrupt cop in his precinct doing whatever they please and getting away with it due to everyone else's incompetence.
      • In that same episode, when he finally makes an arrest, his says it which much enthusiasm, implying that he doesn't make many arrests.
    • But to his credit, in the episode "InformANT", he apparently is a detective. But that may serve the purpose of showing how bad his precinct is if he is a detective, unless he ends up being a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
    • Even more evidence that the precinct is full of incompetent cops. In the pilot, Darryl says his meeting hosted by the Chief of Police is cancelled because the chief's car was stolen. Which hints to him having a chief similar to Clancy Wiggum.
    • After quickly coming to the conclusion that Chyna broke Olive's toy in "Body of EvidANTs" which later we find out that he was right, he tells Chyna "... don't worry, I won't tell anyone."
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Lexi Reed and Principal Susan Skidmore
    • In Season 3 however, Hashimoto appears to take the Big Bad mantle.
  • Big Eater: Angus: he once ate everything at a restaurant in less than an afternoon but was still starving so he ordered a pizza. He also bought everything from a bacon truck even though he doesn't like the food that much.
  • Bilingual Bonus: A minor occurrence in the episode ''ContesANTs''. One of the lyrics in Lexi's song is "Amigos son muy especial," which translates to "friends are very special." It's only worth noting because it's not subtitled, and it's one of the nicer things Lexi has ever said or written on the show. YMMV on it being heart-felt or creative on her part.
  • Boarding School: The main setting as of season 3.
  • Boastful Rap: Although it was written by Chyna, Olive spits one of these. None of the lyrics make any sense, except when she says " skills to recount are innately phenomenal" speaking of her talent for remembering everything she sees, hears or reads.
  • Bowdlerize: The episode "The InformANT" was edited in later reruns over complaints of Officer 3-9's Police Brutality. Some of the beatings were removed entirely, while other scenes were toned down and shortened.
  • Brain Bleach: Fletcher needed this in an episode in which he had to paint the principal in an extremely skimpy Catholic school girl uniform.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: At the start of "StudANT Council".

    Chyna: Which dance should I dance for my first school dance? The Dougie? [does the Dougie] The Robot? [does the Robot] Dougie the Robot? [does the Dougie in robotic motions]
    Cameron: You just took two of my favorite things... and made them horrible.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • Chyna on does this twice in the episode "You're the One That I wANT". After Olive explains what theatrical asides are.

    Chyna:Can you believe she is pitching an idea where the character breaks the reality of the play and speaks directly to the viewer, it makes no sense.

    Chyna: Y'all see what I have to deal with? Writers, unbelievable.

  • Brick Joke: At the beginning of "angus' first movemANT", Chyna mentions a "Silly Song" of hers being popular in Taiwan. At the end of the episode, Olive tries to record a "Sillier Song" by having Chyna, Lexi & Angus sneeze on a microphone.
  • Broken Aesop: The theme song says that everyone is exceptional. That's easy for Chyna to say: she's an ANT, who's more talented than most people, and are usually seen as more intelligent than everyone else. Cracked has pointed out that the Aesop is further broken by the Ditzy Genius nature of the characters.
    • The Episode "Product MisplacemANT" is also this. The hidden lesson is that trying to impress someone does not mean you have to abandon a lifestyle that means a lot to you. Lexi followed this Aesop, as she developed a Guilty Pleasure for Glarcon, because she and another character had a lot in common in things like fashion. Nonetheless, Lexi still broke this Aesop by having Seth move his stuff from his room, only for him to realize that the Glarkon franchise is silly after reading some of her magazines.
  • Butt-Monkey: Cameron.

    Cameron: But dad, does she have to go to my high school? I mean she's only 11.
    Daryl: It's not Chyna's fault that she's gifted, anymore than it's your fault that you're...not.

    • Virtually every character has been a Butt Monkey for at least one episode, and some episodes even feature more than one!
    • Fletcher is also a major example. His talent is usually dismissed as useless and everyone treats him as an idiot. It even gets worse in Season 3, where most people treats him like he's nobody, Olive acts more aggressively toward him, and for some reason, the entire country hates him.
  • Call-Back: "MutANT Farm" is a Halloween-themed reflection of the first episode and as such reuses a lot of dialogue from that episode.note  Slightly altered to fit the Halloween theme. Also, Chyna sings a song at the school dance after the music is no longer available, just like she did at Lexi's party.
  • Camp Gay: Mr. Zimbaldi, the drama teacher, and in "You're the One That I wANT" Samuel French.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Lexi's "Shut up, Paisley!"
      • Lexi, being the show's main antagonist, winded up saying "You have got to be kidding me! when she is bested by Chyna, and on occasion Olive, Cameron and even Paisley.
    • Olive saying "What the heck!" might count since no one else says it (you barely hear it on other Disney shows), she says it a lot, and in Fletcher's Web cartoon, the character based on Olive says a version of it, "What the ant hill?"
      • Not to mention "Interesting factoid" and "HOLLAH!" (and, as of season 3, "Zazzow!").
  • Characterization Marches On: Lexi went from an extremely straight example of Alpha Bitch to Lovable Alpha Bitch with helping Fletcher and Cameron sneak into a movie theater, help Chyna resolve Fletcher's Stalker with a Crush tendencies through song, and being nice to Angus when he fixed her computer. The turning point seems to have been America Needs TalANT and ContestANTs, in which both times Chyna and Lexi at least partially reconciled their differences...once again, through song.
  • The Cheerleader: Of both types, at that rate.
  • Child Hater: Winter Maddox.
  • Christmas Episode: Entitled "SANTa's Little Helpers", which referenced A Christmas Carol and Olive mentions that our economy would be worse off if not for the huge amount of money spent during the Christmas shopping season, and states that that is what Christmas is really about.
  • Chroma Key: When Olive paints Chyna's bedroom wall green during a slumber party, Chyna uses Stock Footage from a movie for her background while video chatting with Lexi, to prove that her slumber party is cooler than Lexi's. Everyone in the background is at least 10 years older than Chyna and are dressed like they're in a nightclub. However, it works, even when Olive puts on a hoodie the same color as the green wall, which blanks out everything except her head until Chyna covers it up. Lexi doesn't catch on until a ninja drops in and attacks the people in the nightclub.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Olive, as seen in "The PhANTom Locker". She blow dries her hair in Chyna's locker. It barely makes sense in context. Gibson is even worse.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Has more of this than the other concurrent Disney Channel sitcoms.
  • Counting to Potato: Paisley counts only in vegetables in one episode.
  • Covers Always Lie: Compare this promotional photo, to this red carpet photo of the cast.Stefanie Scott has on heels, yet has roughly the same height difference to the ANTs. Carlon probably wishes he was that tall. It's probably symbolic, but still, kinda shocking.
  • Cover Version: Chyna has performed two: "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz in "TransplANTed" and "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera in "America Needs TalANT".
  • Cunning Linguist: Olive is called upon by the principal to translate Japanese to a prospective Japanese Ant.
    • Olive also says a few phrases in other languages in other episodes such as German and Danish, and speaks English in quite a few different foreign accents.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Olive speaks relatively loudly and with an overdone accent of sorts. But not as loud as their science teacher.
  • Dean Bitterman: Susan Skidmore.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Although a mild case of redundancy, Chyna says the same word a lot in this sentence.

    Chyna: Cameron, what dance should I dance for the first dance of my first high school dance?

    • In "fraudulANT", Lexi describes herself as "pretty, beautiful & gorgeous".
    • From "ignorANTs is bliss":

    Gibson: I can't get this sign up sign up, but this is where you sign up, so sign up!

  • Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat: Lexi on a couple of occasions.
    • In an early episode, when Chyna doesn't know much about her, Lexi talks Chyna into trying out for the cheerleading squad. Chyna surprisingly makes the squad. But at practice, Lexi puts Chyna through a torturous first day, which leaves her bruised up, but more importantly, Chyna loses her voice. And Lexi reveals that she did this to stop Chyna from auditioning for the lead role in the school's musical. When Lexi is introduced in the Pilot, she shows that she was the lead nearly every play or musical at the school, clearly making her a front-runner even with Chyna as competition, since someone in Chyna's position might get a few minor roles, or at least one, before she would be considered a viable threat to Lexi.
      • Lexi barely put any effort into the song for her audition, instead she seemed to try pandering to the casting director, which appeared to work. Time wasted on hindering Chyna's audition could have been spent writing a more legitimate song, or rehearsing something else. Chyna shows up the audition anyway and tells Lexi off with her weakened voice, which gets mistaken for a monologue and she gets the lead role.
    • And again in "America Needs TalANT", she works hard to find out what Chyna is singing for the finals so she can sing it first and make Chyna look foolish. Instead of working on her own song. Chyna was aware of her attempted sabotage and as well as being misleading to Lexi, she 'carelessly' leaves a fake song for Lexi to steal. Lexi ends up looking foolish after singing a song about being a donut and getting no applause. Chyna even points out that Lexi didn't need to cheat. And while Lexi wasn't necessarily the favorite going into the finals, the judges apparently liked her.
  • Did Not Do the Bloody Research: In "ReplicANT", Fletcher calls someone a 'plonker'. While it's still not a strong swear in Britain, it still isn't the sort of language Disney would use deliberately.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Gender flipped by Chyna at the near end of the episode MeANT To Be?, which implied that she wished she had a chance of fully loving Fletcher. More worse considering it's the 2nd to last episode, but luckily averted in the finale where Fletcher and Olive (her friend) broke up due that Fletcher stays in New York, but even then, Chyna still never gets a chance to love Fletcher, thus making the Flyna ship unresolved.
  • The Ditz: Cameron, Gibson, Paisley, and Fletcher.
    • Violet implies Angus to be this in "intelligANTs".
    • Genius Ditz: Fletcher's great at art, but thinks snow angels are dead snowmen.
    • Also Olive might qualify. While very book smart due to having super memory, she has very childish moments, such as believing Cameron's ghost story, having way more fun while the rest of the ANTs are playing musical chairs, and her overall naivete.
  • Does Not Understand Sarcasm: In "TransplANTed":

    Olive:Let's go to a high school party. It'll be fun.
    Fletcher: Another one? Wasn't this one bad enough?

    • Fletcher sometimes doesn't even understand it when he dishes it out.

    Fletcher: Thanks a lot Chyna. (walks away [beat]) And to be clear, I wasn't thanking you.

  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In "StudANT Council", Olive and Angus talking at the A.N.T. Party the previous night. Olive says that the party was crazy and that she overdid it. While Angus says that "everything is hazy" he even say, "I am never eating candy again." Then eats candy anyway. Almost radar since most kids that age might not understand the joke.
    • Even more so since Angus was more or less a candy bartender at the party.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Despite his status as the Butt-Monkey, Fletcher proves in "feature presANTation" that he does have limits to how much he will endure. In the episode, Fletcher hasn't been able to sleep for days because Angus keeps having nightmares waking him up. He spends the episode helping him with this problem, while Angus acts like a total jerkass towards him. After his final plan to help him ends with them simulating being on a boat, causing Fletcher to still be awake and even fall in a bowl of fish, he finally snaps and not only stands up to Angus, but actually chases him around the school, leaving Angus able to do nothing but run and scream in terror.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Fletcher, to Chyna.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The show's opening, "Exceptional", performed by China Anne McClain. Justified as Chyna is meant to be a musical prodigy.
  • The Dragon: Kumiko/Kennedy and Winter Maddox were this to Hashimoto in FinANTial Crisis.
  • Driven to Suicide: After Chyna forgets her permission slip for a history field trip, Chyna's history teacher Mr. McMillan snaps about it then cries he has a sad pathetic life given he doesn't have a car and his girlfriend left him for a clown because of that. Then he jumps out the window to end his life, only to find out he's on the first floor.
  • Dumb Blonde: Played completely straight with Paisley. Subverted with Olive since she has the greatest mental capacity on the show, she rarely puts it to good use, as a result, she sometimes ends up looking dumb and childish at times. And there's this crowning example from Paisley.

    Paisley: Yay! I want to thank all the other cheerleaders for reminding me that there is no "I" in team, because I use to spell it with an "I".

    • Also:

      Paisley: I don't even know my own strength! "Strength" means "address", right?

    • Lexi isn't exactly a rocket scientist, but much smarter than Paisley.
  • Dumb Is Good: Played straight and averted. Cameron, Fletcher and Paisley are dumb as a post, but kind. Chyna is reasonably intelligent, but also (mostly) kind. Olive and Angus are also regarded as intelligent, but can be pretty mean. Lexi is of normal intelligence, but mean and manipulative, though she's gotten somewhat better lately.
  • Elective Mute: Wacky the Wolf is just a student in a mascot suit, but they're so dedicated to staying in character that they never speak. When Lexi impersonates Wacky, talking nearly blows her cover.
  • Evil Laugh: Subverted with vampire Fletcher in the Halloween episode, whose Evil Laugh is a girlish "Tee-hee-hee" while his normal laugh is easily mistaken for an evil one.
    • Played Straight by Sequoia on "Creative ConsultANT". She says Chyna is suspended, then laughs. Angus does it too, but only because he doesn't get her so-called joke, but fakes it. While Olive knows something is wrong because of that and Chyna would never miss an opportunity sing live.
      • Later Olive and Angus find Chyna suspended above a shark tank, and Angus realizes what she meant and does the Evil Laugh again.
  • Evil Teacher: Sometimes parodied with Skidmore, who provides the page quote.
  • Expy: Many obvious and subtle ones are present on this show.
    • Chyna comes off as a very deliberate expy of Raven.
      • Chyna even has similarities to Carly Shay when you consider she can sing, is Oblivious to Love from Fletcher, and has a less than normal older brother.
      • Musically talented girl who finds herself in a Fish out of Water situation when she begins attending a new school? Chyna is essentially a younger, African-American version of Tori Vega.
    • Olive is Lilly Truscott as a middle schooler.
      • In "The ReplacemANT", her school teacher look makes her look like a female version of Mr. Denzel Crocker.
      • She also seems a lot tougher than Chyna, and is sometimes mean to Fletcher, given who Fletcher is an expy of (see below), Olive is a more book-smart version of Sam Puckett without all of the drama and binge eating. She might even live in a dysfunctional household, but not much is stated about Olive's homelife.
      • Olive even has a similar hairstyle and color to that of Sam.
      • In "StudANT Council", she shows can even spit some fire into the M-I-C. Even though she didn't write the rap in-universe, she didn't sound corny. And she, much like Sam, has moderate mic skills for a white girl.
  • the phANTom locker

    "the phANTom locker" is the third episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on June 24, 2011.


    The new A.N.T.s get their own lockers and Olive's is right next to Cameron's. Unfortunately, Olive annoys Cameron so much he forces her to move into Chyna's locker by saying her locker is haunted. Meanwhile, Fletcher is put in charge of painting a portrait of Principal Skidmore.

    Episode Summary

    Cameron is starting to get annoyed by Olive who has the locker right next to him. Olive embarrasses Cameron in front of his crush, showed his friends his blankie, and covered him in glitter. Cameron then asks Lexi for advice. Lexi ends up leading Cameron on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. In the next scene Cameron is seen covered in dust and cob webs. Olive then states that there is nothing that she is more afraid of than dust. Cameron then realizes that Olive is easily frightened and fools her into thinking that her locker is haunted. He tells her it was built on an ancient burial ground, causing Olive to move her things into Chyna's locker. After Olive drives Chyna insane, Chyna has to prove to Olive that her locker is not haunted. Chyna tricks Olive into coming to school when it's closed and spending the night in her locker to prove that it is not haunted. Cameron found out what Chyna was planning and showed up at the school. He pretended to be a leprechaun ghost to scare Chyna and Olive. Chyna recognizes Cameron's voice and tells him the jig is up. Cameron admits that he was just trying to scare Olive because she was the most annoying locker neighbor ever. Olive then moves back into her old locker. Meanwhile, Fletcher is assigned to make a painting for Principal Skidmore, but is unpleasantly surprised when it's of her dressed in a schoolgirl's outfit. He then has difficulty making her look beautiful. Chyna tells him to paint what's on the inside, but he took it the wrong way and painted Skidmore as a skeleton.

    Most Memorable Quotes

    Susan Skidmore: I would like for you to paint my portrait.

    Fletcher: Will you pay me?
    Susan Skidmore: Not even a compliment.

    The whole point of the A.N.T. Program is so that I can take your advanced natural talents and exploit them for my own benefit. It's like a sweat shop; only we have smoke alarms. Well, I mean they're not actually hooked up, but we got 'em!

    Olive: Hi locker neighbor! Just doing a little redecorating. (spills glitter all over Cameron) Oh, look! It's raining love and hugs!

    Lexi: Oh Cameron, that's so cute. Is this where you keep your dollies?
    Cameron: I don't have dollies. My dad threw them all away.

    Olive: What the heck?!

    Cameron: Something wrong Olive?
    Olive: Look!
    Cameron: Uh oh! Is that ghost ectoplasm all over your locker? Wasn't ghosts on the list of things you were afraid of? It was on the list right?
    Olive: Yeah, but this looks like jelly.
    Cameron: It's not jelly.
    Olive: Smells like jelly.
    Cameron: It's not jelly!
    Olive: Tastes like jelly.
    Cameron: It's not jelly!!
    Olive: (Olive opens her locker, gasps) Go away?
    Cameron: And it's written in blood.
    Olive: Looks like ketchup.

    Cameron: It's not ketchup!!!
    Chyna: Olive, what did you do to my locker?

    Olive: I rearranged everything into a perfect alphabetical filing system and made everything so much easier to find.
    Chyna: Well, I couldn't find my Fruit Roll-Up.
    Olive: Where'd you look?
    Chyna: Under "F".
    Olive: Amateur mistake. I filed it under "R" for Roll-Up comma Fruit. I assumed you wanted all your kinds of Roll-Ups in the same place.
    Chyna: They only make FRUIT Roll-Ups!
    Olive: Maybe they do now, but when they make Meat Roll-Ups, you'll find it right there under "R"
    Chyna: Okay then, I'll look under "R"

    Olive: Don't bother; I already ate it.
    Fletcher: Chyna, I'm desperate. I can't paint Skidmore again. Slam this locker door on my hand.

    Chyna: Okay. (slams the locker door)
    Fletcher: (moves his hand out of the way) What are you doing? You're supposed to tell me that breaking my fingers isn't the answer.
    Chyna: No, I honestly think this is your best option. (puts Fletcher's hand back in the locker, slams the door)

    Fletcher: (moves his hand out of the way) Stop that!

    Angus: (In his head) Now, what do you say to a babe like that? How 'bout, 'Hey, toots, what say I take you to San Francisco's newest hot spot? 'Cause I hear there's a wireless network station there. Ugh, that's lame. (Now speaking) Stupid!
    Fletcher: (Turns around) Seriously, what did I do!?



    • This episode attracted 4.6 million viewers on it's premiere night, making it the most watched episode.
    • Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed only appeared in two scenes of this episode.
    • In this episode it is revealed that Olive is scared of dust, disorganization, ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, leprechauns, giraffes, double-decker buses, balloons, curly fries, and birthmarks, but isn't afraid of spiders.
    • This episode nearly parodies Scooby-Doo.[citation needed]
    • Cameron wasn't doing an Irish folk dance dressed as a ghost leprechaun, he was doing the "Reject."
    • A running gag in this episode is when every time someone says "stupid" Fletcher happens to be standing nearby and says "Seriously what did I do?!?".
    • In this episode, Olive has a butterfly on the back of her ANT pad. In all the other episodes it's a brain made up of different colors.


    • When Chyna was writing her note to the new kid, she mentioned that her locker number was 112, but if you look closely there are no numbers on the lockers.
    • In the last scene of the episode it is very unlikely that a student would be painting a portrait of a teacher so late at night when school is usually closed.
    • After the scene between Chyna and Angus at her locker, if you look closely you can see Olive in the background walking toward Chyna with her lunch. Although, this scene came later on in the episode.

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