Stages Of Critical Thinking Worksheet Hum/115

Stages of Critical ThinkingHUM/111 Version 71Stages of Critical ThinkingPart 1: Stages of Critical ThinkingCompletethe matrix by identifying the four beginning stages of critical thinking as detailed in Critical Thinking.Stages of critical thinkingStage description1.Unreflective ThinkerEveryone begins as Unreflective Thinkers. At this stage, we do not realize there are any problems with our thinking and we assume our own beliefs to be true. Once we start to realize there are flaws within our thinking, then we begin to move to thenext stage.2.Challenged ThinkerAt this stage, we recognize the low level we have been thinking and realize we need to challenge our development. We know that our thinking is flawed and in order to improve it we must work on gaining knowledge and improving our thinking skills.3.Beginning ThinkerWe reach this stage when we accept the challenge of wanting to improve and develop our thinking. We begin to analyze, ask questions, check information for accuracy, identify prejudicial

STAGES OF CRITICAL THINKING Stages of Critical Thinking Step 1: Stages of Critical Thinking Complete the matrix by identifying the four beginning stages of critical thinking as detailed in Chapter 2 of Paul & Elder (2011). You must provide a least (3-5) complete sentences for your description of each stage. Stages of Critical Thinking Stage Description Stage 1: Unreflective Thinker The unreflective thinker is described in the reading as  having no conception of what thinking does in their lives.  A thinker at this stage doesn’t know that they are just  making assumptions and not actually thinking.  Stage 2: Challenged Thinker The challenged thinker is described as at the point where  we become aware of the way that ones thinking is  impacting and shaping their lives, without caring if this is 

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